Gin Manel

In the heart of purity and ancient charms of the Sierra of São Mamede, a few meters from Marvão Castle, where a long time ago essences and flavors are blended, comes one of the best products that nature and mix of cultures have managed to conceive.

Fruit of knowledge and ancestral flavors, originally combined by grandmother Sao, Alentejo shows the world Gin Manel , a drink made unhurried using only premium products and spices, following the natural processes of fermentation and distilled slowly in traditional stills, making it a single and different  product.

As Romans,  Arabs and our King Afonso Henriques conquered Portugal, Gin Manel will conquer the world with an exclusive distribution of numbered bottles and certificate of authenticity guaranteeing the quality of what you are consuming.

More than a taste, feel the unique experience of  trying the most expensive Gin in the world!


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