Onset of experience

It was the summer of 2014, on a magnificent beach afternoon, in Vale do Garrão, in Vale Lobo, I was trying out a gin, plus two longtime friends, Ricardo Santana and Hugo Lopes, when we started talking about like a gin was made.

We were all long-time drinkers, from college time when we drank, in a tall glass full of ice with tonic water, not measuring the amount that was put, at the end was placed a slice of lemon and served!

Great nights we had everyone drinking, these magnificent Gins ….

That same day I told them … Good idea, I am going to make a Gin!

There began the adventure and it was really an adventure …

My grandmother called SAO. My father’s mother, many years ago, made her small quantities of brandy for home consumption, and I remember being small and being there with her to see if the fire was strong or weak, so that the spout ran right and thin, to get the alcohol in the right content, put more firewood, opened the fire, was a hassle, but she liked it, spent there hours and hours, I did not realize at the time, but today I see that what she really liked was to make of the must, to be born a beautiful brandy, it’s like creating something divine from nothing…

For everything written above, I went there. The first few times I cooked the cereal, different mixes, in an old pot, but it was times and times, where I could not ferment it. Then I had to resort to Celita’s technical knowledge, Celita is my wife! She is a professor of physics and chemistry and helped me build the different technical production diagrams of alcohol.

There I started to see the light at the bottom of the tunnel, I’m used to numbers, I’m an economist and I turned an insurance company, but there were lots of graphics, temperatures, quantities, duration and so much else until we got the perfect blend that allowed us to create neutral  and natural alcohol that we produce 100% in our unit that carries that typical taste of old spirits and alembics.

When I thought that the most difficult had already been surpassed, the production part of the recipe for maceration and effusion arrived, as well as the number of ideal distillations for the product that we intend to obtain, were many conversations and discussions in family, yes this was a product made with family, even my 3 daughters gave the opinion of the aromas that we wanted to put in the product and I can say that all this led to the end of summer 2016, we had the final product that corresponds 100%, with what we are looking for.

Finally when I wanted to start putting the product on the market, in the event that we wanted to sell some bottle, we had the last obstacle our country’s bureaucracy that led us to wait, another 9 months to have the authorized warehouse of alcohol production and so finally in the spring of 2017, we can shout:


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